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3D printing of prototypes and series for the development of your business
Let's turn an idea into a finished product using the most modern 3D technologies
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3D modeling
A full range of services for the creation of
polygonal and solid
3D models. We will prepare a model for printing of any complexity.
3D printing
Printing unique orders with FDM, SLS, SLA, plaster. Making souvenirs and models. Prototyping of devices, devices and details of the most daring forms.
Architectural layouts
Creation of architectural layouts, both with the help of 3D printing, and in combination of innovative technologies with classical layout methods.
Industrial design and innovation engineering
Development of prototypes and small series of product for testing and market evaluation. From design to prototype.
2D, 3D milling on CNC machines for the manufacture of plates, signboards, decor, billboards, shop window elements and other products.
Plastic molding
Plastic injection molding is a great option for engineers, designers, and people working on parts and instrument cases.
Printed circuit boards
Production of printed circuit boards for electronics: devices, equipment, automated systems in the form of prototypes and serially.
laser cutting
Figured laser cutting based on vector layouts for wood, chipboard, MDF, as well as polystyrene, acrylic and other materials.


What characterizes us best is that 60% of our clients come by recommendation or come back again.

5 years on the market
We successfully carry out orders of various volumes and levels of complexity
On the basis of the technopark
Extensive experience working with innovative companies and products
Best prices
We can offer prices below the market due to the support measures of the Moscow Government
100% quality
We guarantee the output of the product without defects in accordance with the customer's specification
Own production
We do not work as an intermediary. All orders are carried out by our specialists
We use the most modern equipment and software, the best materials
Terms from 24 hours
Thanks to a streamlined process, we will quickly produce a model
We promptly deliver to any point of the Russian Federation, as well as to other countries



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