Construction of a new production building in the technopark "STROGINO"

In 2018, the construction of a new building began, which is planned to accommodate 10-15 high-tech manufacturing and research companies in the status of residents of the technopark;

This will increase the settlement revenue of residents - up to 7.5 billion rubles; increase tax deductions to the city budget – by 2.75 times to 550 million rubles. in year; continue the development of high-tech production in the district, create more than 350 new jobs; create conditions for the location of production facilities in accordance with GMP standards; will create an opportunity  placement of "clean" premises for high-tech companies and production organization, incl. pharmaceutical preparations. The total area of ​​the building – 9,509.5 sq.m.

Indoor area – 6,790.6 sq.m.,


  • Office -  1,386.1 sqm
  • Industrial  – 3,269.4 sqm
  • Warehouse  - 2,135.1 sq.m.
  • Number of floors – 6
  • Number of underground floors – 1


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